A+ 2003 and A+ 2006 Certification: A Succinct Comparison

CompTIA (Computing Technology Industry Association) is a popular name in Information Technology industry who offers universally recognized and valued certifications. A+ certification is its most esteemed and well-known certification which focuses on essential computer maintenance issues. CompTIA develops professionals in various IT fields. There are several large organizations and business groups who have joined CompTIA as its partners. These include the famous names of Microsoft, Lotus, Dell, IBM, Compaq and several others.

A+ certification: Detailed Aspects

A+ certification is a highly significant certification which offers the opportunity to acquire skills and expertise for PC repairs. This is an accredited certification and all large multinational companies support it. It provides with a strong role to enter in IT industry with high aptitude and competency. There are several reasons behind its immense popularity for instance it is important as all grand and leading companies give it worth over other certifications. Another reason is that it lets you enable to develop your career more dynamically and professionally. That’s why professionals who have A+ certification are welcomed and valued over thousands of over candidates in their procession. Although to acquire this incredible certification, you have to pass the respective exam associated with it in which you are tested for your technical expertise.

A+ 2003 and A+ 2006:

CompTIA offers two kinds of A+ certification i.e. A+ 2003 and A+ 2006 where A+ 2003 is renowned among people and they use it to enhance their professional competencies. On the other hand, if we make a comparison then it wouldn’t be wrong to say that A+ 2006 is quite a latest certification than A+ 2003. To become a true certified professional, you must have to get hold of both these certifications.

Skills Required:

To obtain A+ certification you are required to have some skills and proficiency. In this way, you must have adequate knowledge about how to support microcomputers. There are two sections for testing these expertise i.e. one is for A+ Operating System Technology and other is A+ Core. Both these units examine the abilities of test taker to install, configure, troubleshoot and maintain computer system. In addition, A+ Operating System Technology unit include checking for the control over several Operating Systems, Command Line Prompt and others alike.

Exams for A+ 2003 as well as A+ 2006 certifications have similar type of questions but you have to be fully prepared to become successful.

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A+ Computer Certification is Your First Step As a Service Technician

If you are an individual interested in the information technology or IT field, one of your requirements is to stay up to date with the ever-changing world of information technology. The way to do that is through education. Computer training courses keep an IT professional up to date and current on his or her specialty.
Are you entering the world of information technology as a service technician? One of your first courses will be an A+ computer certification course. This is a course that will take your current entry-level knowledge as someone who is preparing to enter the world of IT and build on it. You should already have basic computer user skills for a course in A+ computer certification. This is a course for those who have a serious interest in the IT field.
An A+ computer certification course will focus on skills and concepts of computer software and hardware. You will learn how to install, upgrade, repair, configure, troubleshoot, optimize and perform preventative maintenance on computer hardware and operating systems. Computer training courses vary in their lengths. The A+ course is five days in length.
This is training that will get you set for IT departments in corporate settings, or places where you have little dealing with clients but are working mainly with computer hardware. Once you complete this course, you will be prepared to take the CompTIA A+ Certification. You can sign up as an individual with computer courses. However, in many cases your place of employment will include computer training as part of their training budget.
For a course in A+ computer certification, look to LearniT.com. They are a trusted learning partner in the world of corporation information technology, business management and project management raining. You can count on excellent and consistent training and competitive prices.

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2009 CompTIA A+ Certification Exam Upgrade

The CompTIA A+ 2009 version is getting a makeover and receiving some added topics to measuring the skills and knowledge required of an entry-level PC support and service technician. The last revision of the CompTIA A+ exam requirements was back in 2006, and the new updated certification exam requirements definitely provides a clear pictures of what the job duties are for those looking to become CompTIA A+ professionals in our current IT industry. Since the requirements have changed for the certification exam, those looking to take the certification exam this year will have to undergo some A+ training so to get up to speed with the new skills and knowledge added to the enhanced exam.
To help complete the changes, CompTIA sent out surveys to assist in the exam development process and to define the content for the CompTIA A+ Essentials Exam. There were two surveys: one for the proposed "Essentials" exam requirements and the other for the proposed "Technician" exam requirements. Both of the surveys talked about the current draft of the exam requirements and asked for feedback on how important each topic was, and how often a borderline qualified candidate would perform each task. The surveys covered two of the four available CompTIA A+ exams: CompTIA A+ Essentials and CompTIA IT Technician. CompTIA A+ Essentials validates knowledge of basic computer hardware and operating systems. The CompTIA IT Technician exam is targeted for individuals who work or intend to work in a mobile or corporate technical environment with a high level of face-to-face client interaction. Individuals may participate in both surveys. Since the A+ certification exam will feature new knowledge requirements, some CompTIA A+ certification training would be very helpful learning the new requirements.
While the current certification requirement structure was a draft version that's under construction, a few things stood out from the survey. The new draft was not really that much different from the existing major category domain structure, but there were a number of various new technologies listed, such as Blu-ray, SD cards, DDR3, TV tuner cards, and Bluetooth. Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista were also listed as components, as well as some of the latest Vista technologies. Some of the older networking technologies were dropped and the latest cabling standards were added, while cellular networking was mentioned often. The security section was updated to include encryption, authentication technologies, and updated biometric technologies. There were no online surveys offered to me for Remote Support Technician or Depot Technician, and there were no mentions of either of those designations.
Since nothing is really set in stone yet, there's a lot of time between now and the introduction of the updated exam requirements list, but still familiarize yourself with some of the latest technologies so that you are ready when the new list does come out. Taking an A+ training course will definitely help you start thinking and learning about what you might encounter on the new requirements list, as well as teach you the basics that never change on the exam.

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How to Prepare For the A+ Certifications

The IT (information technology) institutes are alive actual adamantine to accomplish the demands of the IT (information technology) companies. These institutes are alms so abounding certifications courses beneath the training of able certifiers. The A+ certifications accept actual abundant appeal all over the apple in these days. These certifications are awarded by Comp TIA (Computer Technology Industry Association), specifies the adequacy accomplished in configuring and troubleshooting PC accouterments and software operating systems. The exams of these certifications are absolutely computer based; and conducted by VUE testing center. The advance of these certifications is accustomed by all the manufacturers and resellers of arch software, firmware, and hardware.

The applicant who has the appetite to be A+ certifier, he has to canyon two alone Exams for this certification, Core accouterments and Core operating arrangement Exams. The objectives of Core accouterments Exams are, to accord the complete ability of Diagnosing and Troubleshooting, Printers, Basic Networking, Installation, Configuration, and Motherboard*Memory/Processors to the candidate. And the Objectives of OS (operating system) Exams are Diagnosing and Troubleshooting, Operating Arrangement Fundamentals, Networks, and Installation, Configuration, and advance etc. the convenance Exams provided by the IT (information technology) institutes will absolutely advice the applicant in casual the certifications in his aboriginal attempt.

To canyon the A+ acceptance is not an accessible assignment to achieve, the applicant will accept to assignment actual hard, and convenance a lot for the Exam preparation. The IT (information technology) institutes will accommodate all the actual and ability to canyon these certifications. The convention will accept all the accoutrement and Experienced Certified trainer who will brightness the candidate's abstruse abilities and will accumulate a abutting Eye on his Progress. The IT (information technology) institutes will accommodate the applicant Self Exam Engine to analysis the ability about acceptance advance and this will be actual accessible for the applicant to analysis himself afore actualization in the Exams of these certifications. These Self Engine Exams are absolutely actual accessible for candidate's preparation, these types of tests analyze the weaknesses in the altered areas of certification's advance and applicant can assignment added adamantine to break these problems afore the Exams.

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Computer Troubleshooting Theory For the A+ Certification

Computer troubleshooting theory this will be tested on the A+ certification. When trying to solve a computer related problem resist the urge to jump in and start doing what you think will correct it the fastest. Rather take the time to apply the troubleshooting theory.
1. Before you do anything always backup the users data or make sure there are a recent set of backups already on the computer that can used and then put on removable storage. This will be crucial if the users data gets accidentally corrupted or destroyed. Having a recent backup will protect your professional reputation if something goes wrong. Windows XP Professional, 2000, and NT use NTBACKUP which can be found through a shortcut on the system tools folder. If you are troubleshooting Windows XP Home Edition you may install Windows Backup by using the distribution CD. There are also third party backup programs that may provide more features and capabilities.
2. Assess the problem methodically. Divide larger problems into smaller problems then troubleshoot the smaller problems individually. This makes large problems easier to handle.
3. Always look for the most obvious problems. For example always check connectors to make sure they are properly installed. Make sure the computer, monitor, keyboard, printer, and etc. have power.
4. Research the most likely causes of the problem and establish priorities. Start with easiest problems first and work your way up.
5. Once finished always write down your actions, findings, and outcomes, even if they are simple problems. This will greatly help when troubleshooting future problems.

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The Importance of A+ Certification

The Microsoft affiliation has formed actual adamantine to accomplish this akin area they are now and they are additionally alive actual adamantine to accomplish abundant added which a simple man can alone brainstorm this. The accomplished success they achieve. We should acknowledge them because they adapt those types of accouterments who could abutment their technology. The accouterments they adapt for altered technologies is article actual special; they accumulate their standards actual aerial and additionally progressed accept to accept with Microsoft. After tasting the abundant aftertaste of success the aggregation alien a affairs of certifications called "A+ Certifications". This is actual accessible for IT (information Technology) industries, because they accept a actual big accouterments network.

The A+ certifications are actual aloof certifications that accord the adequacy of account professionals in the computer industry. These acceptance courses are for anybody who has the appetite to be accustomed at all-embracing level. These certifications affairs is one of the world's better certifications program. The A+ certifications is developed and sponsored by the world's better computer companies and accretion technology industry affiliation (COMP TIA), a accepted affiliation of IT (information Technology) industry companies, both accept the accepted ambition to connected abilities for professionals who are alive in the IT (information Technology) companies.

The A+ certifications are best accepted and accustomed certifications in all over the apple for PC aliment and maintenance. These certifications are backed by all the arch manufacturers, vendors, account providers and able bodies all over the world, which approves the abilities and ability in abstruse abutment accoutrement competencies over articles developments and acclimated by all the arch companies in the world. The certifications are the alone all-encompassing IT (Information Technology) abutment accomplishment in the world. Achievements of A+ certifications is shows that a certifier has the knowledge, abilities and chump account abilities all-important to auspiciously abutment PC equipments and users. There are two capital bossiest areas in the IT (information technology), 1st is abstruse abutment and the 2nd is the focus of A+ certifications. This shows the acceptance and accent of these certifications in these advocate days.

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