Software Testing Certification – Is it Worth It?

In these days of downsizing and job uncertainty, many I.T professionals are looking to increase their qualifications to stand out from the crowd. If you have had experience in testing or thinking of specializing in testing, should you consider getting a software testing certification? In this article we will look at the advantages of studying to get a software testing certification.

A software testing certification will prove your knowledge in testing. Testing is part of the software development lifecycle and many people have experience in testing as part of working on a project. Obtaining a certificate in testing proves that not only have you worked on testing activities, you understand why they are important, how they fit into the overall development lifecycle and can plan, design and execute tests on a consistent basis. If you have extensive experience in testing, your experience together with an advanced certification will have you recognized as a testing professional. If you are applying for a job and you have a software testing certification on your C.V, this will give the employer confidence that you have a good knowledge of testing and put you at a definite advantage over someone that does not.

A software testing certification can help you switch from your current I.T job into a testing role. As systems become more and more complex there is an increasing demand for people that can plan, design and execute tests thoroughly. There are more and more requirements for test analysts, test leads and test managers. If you are looking to change from your current I.T job to a testing job, a testing certification is a good step to demonstrate that you are able to understand the fundamentals of testing.

Certification is often internationally recognized. This will be a benefit if you apply for a job in another country, as an employer will know and trust the qualification. Obtaining test certifications can help and support your career progression. Testers will often start their career as a test analyst. At this level, the foundation or basic level certification is sufficient. The next step for a tester is to perform the role of test lead and an advanced certification will provide the knowledge and theory required to successfully perform the role. Once you get to the test manager level, a test manager certification will cover what you need to know. Obtaining a higher certification could be useful when seeking a promotion.

Some companies may require you to have a software testing certification to apply for a testing job. If you check the job advertisements, you may notice many jobs mentioning that a certification is desirable, preferred or even required. If you do not have the certification the hiring manager may not even look at your C.V, as they are looking for testers that can demonstrate practical experience together with the knowledge that is gained from a certification.

  • Rosie Sherry

    There has been an ongoing debate about Software Testing Certification within the industry.

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